"I have the Penis" - John from MGTOW is Freedom

How did MGTOW Merch get started?

I recently shared a photo of me online holding a MGTOW mug that I made for myself and started getting requests to purchase them. I have recently started building the framework of a youth mentoring group for young men and boys to teach them how to be MGTOW, or at the very least, MEN rather than cucked manginas.

All proceeds from the sale of this merchandise will go towards spreading the word about MGTOW. I have a blog on this site which you can follow. I will be updating with thought pieces and updates on where i'm up to with this little project.  If you have any special requests, and i'm able to fulfil them, I will!

I don't yet know if i'll be doing direct workshops, word of mouth marketing, FB marketing or anything else at this point. As we all know, Feminists will be fighting up against anything above the line. I have been also thinking about approaching boys' schools to see if I can get in to speak to Yr 11 and Yr 12 students, or even younger if I can.

Looking forward to all you men starting the process of red pilling some mates with this merch, and pissing off some Feminists since all MGTOW are apparently "MISOGYNISTS", even though the femtards don't know what "misogyny" ACTUALLY means......


I NEED FEMINISM - Because Feminists Are Easy